March 28, 2019

Flour City Post-ers, 

If you're having trouble finding a view you had seen on the previous website, don't fret. They still exist. It is just taking me longer to rebuild the new site than I had hoped/anticipated.

BUT I DO have all those existing views and more! 

If you have a time-sensitive gift / project, please contact me and I will give your personal request immediate priority.

Thank you for your patience,

August 23, 2017

A Fun Find.

In my efforts to upload product images to the new website, I've been trying to provide as much information as I can gather about each view; whether it be to include a brief history or to list any noticeable/notable landmarks.

The popular buildings are the easiest to spot, sadly, because so few remain today, and therefore, they naturally stand out. However, the real fun has been trying to decipher any text that is visible in these images; mainly any signs or painted lettering and company advertisements.

I'm sur...

August 17, 2017

Dear Friends and Followers,

If I had known the amount of time it would've taken to rebuild the website would be years, I may have never cancelled my original server provider. With that being said, the site is finally back up and running. I'm certain there will be a typo or two. Please feel free to bring any to my attention and I hope you find the new format easy to navigate and enjoyable.

Because I have 100+ images for sale, I'm just going to continue to upload them day-by-day. If there is a specific view that you are lo...

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