Notable landmarks include (from left to right, just out of view): Cook's Opera House and the  Keeler-Kimball Estate Building.

The former Chamber of Commerce Building, first known as the "Keeler-Kimball Estate Building," once located on the corner of South Ave and East Main Street in Downtown Rochester, NY. 
Circa 1913. 

Designed in 1894 by Leon Stern, for Peerless Tobacco Works co-founder and owner, William S. Kimball. As the city's second president of the Chamber of Commerce, he convinced the members to relocate their headquarters into the top, two floors of his newly-constructed, 13-story skyscraper just before his death in 1895. The Chamber would organize in Rochester's second steel skycraper until 1915, upon moving into the second Chamber of Commerce building at Bragdon and St Paul Street (designed by Claude Bragdon and commissioned by George Eastman). The Keeler-Kimball Estate Building would stand until being razed 1980 to make was for the (Joseph A. Floreano) Riverside Convention Center.

Present-day view would be from the just outside the Granite Building, click here.

(Former) Chamber of Commerce Building, Rochester, N.Y.

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