Notable landmarks include (from left to right): The Genesee River, the Aqueduct Building, Erie Canal Aqueduct (now Broad St), the original buildings on the Main Street bridge, The Osburn House and South Avenue.

Signage visible: Van Doorn Co., Bartholomay Beers, The Lawyers Cooperative Publishing Company, Burke & White Bookbinders, E.R. Andrews Printing Company; Printers, Stereotypes, Binders; T.E. Angell; Sash, Doors, Blinds and Mouldings, Geo P. Bortle: Sawing and Turning, Macauley-Fien Milling Co., "Excelsoir Mills", Pride of Dakota, The Best Flour Made," Democrat and Chronicle Printing, Rochester Dental Mfg. Co, Ocumpaughs, Show Case Works Store Fixtures, Under Mills Rapid Phonography: Missouri Contracts Five Years For Their Service Excludes All Others in Public Schools, TRIX, Coffee Spice and Mustard Mills, City Bicycle Repair Company No. , Laundry Shirts and Collars: A Specialty, The American Union Laundry Company, Hugo Keller: Durhamville, NY, "ABLE MEYER" (upside down) Stag Hotel, Arthur McNall, Franklin Automobiles, The New Osburn, Barber Shop, Beds for Men 10 and 15 ¢ ,  For Sale.


View of the second Erie Canal Aqueduct in Rochester, NY (which is now the Broad St. Bridge)

Photo taken by the Detroit Publishing Company in 1904.


Today, the Rundel Memorial Library sits atop of this portion of the aqueduct running along South Ave.


The second Erie Canal Aqueduct was listed on the National Register of Historic Places on September 29, 1976.

Present day view would be from the old Lehigh Valley Train Station (Dinosaur BBQ) on the corner of Court Street and South Avenue, click here.

The Erie Canal, Rochester, N.Y. (COLORIZED)

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