Notable landmarks include (from left to right):  German Evangelical Salem (United) Church, St. Joseph Roman Catholic Church, The New York Central Railroad Bridge, Keeler-Kimball Estate Building (Original Chamber of Commerce), Powers Building, Upper (High) Falls and Gorsline (High Falls) Building. 


Signage visible: Schantz Co., E.P. Reed & Co. Ladies Shoes, Williams Hoyt & Co. Shoes, Collapsible Paper Boxes, Color Printing.


Illustrated postcard view of The Genesee River (High) Falls in Rochester, N.Y.
Circa 1905.
Artist: Raphael Tuck & Sons


High Falls had several names. "The Falls" is the original name given by the settlers, but "Middle Falls," "Main Falls," "Genesee Falls", "Upper Falls" and later, "High Falls" were also used. Originally, the "Upper Falls" was given to the rapids that were located between the Court St. Dam and the Erie Canal Aqueduct. Having been cleared away during the construction of the Aqueduct, that sudden 14 foot drop is no longer present.


Present-day view would be from the Platt Street (Pont de Rennes) Bridge, click here.

Upper Genesee (High) Falls, Rochester, N.Y.

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