Notable landmarks include (from left to right, just out of view): Plymouth Hotel, The Duffy - McInnerney Company Building, and The Powers Hotel (known today as Executive Office Building)

Signage visible: Prince Furniture & Carpet Company, Union Trust Co, Home[...], Ryan & Sours Leibotschaner Beer, Pianos,  Utz & Dunn Co. Women's Fine Footwear, The Plymouth (Hotel), Credit, Coca Cola, Duffy-Powers Company, S & H Stamps, Portland & Plymouth, Duffy-Powers Co., Drug Store Riker & Hegeman The SAFE Drug Store, Cigars and Cigarettes at Cut Prices, [...] Limited 6¢, Prescriptions [...], Hegeman Utopia Tonic Water, Riker's [Antiseptic] Toothpaste 15¢, Mary Garden Perfume Rigaud's [...] Preparations, Perfect Soda 5¢,  Riker & Hegeman's Perfumes and Toilet Waters, Hegeman's Theatrical Cold Cream 25¢, Riker's Antiseptic Tooth Powder 15¢, Kodak Supplies, Hospital Sick-Room and [...] Nursery Supplies, [...] Druggist In [...],,Chocolates, Bon Bons, Riker & Hegeman Co., Jas. J. Ernisse, Salter [Bros. Florists].


The Duffy - Powers (McInnerney) Department Store Building located on the West Main Street and North Fitzhugh Street in Downtown Rochester, NY. 
Circa 1911. 


The Duffy-McInnerney Department Store building opened in 1907, originally operating as a retail and dry goods store. In 1911, its name was changed to "Duffy-Powers Building" until it declared banruptcy (during the Great Depression) in 1932. Purchased by the Rochester Saving Bank, it then became the known as the Civic Exhibits building in 1940. In 1943, the building was purchased by the U.S. Government, and teaming up with Kodak, the “Kodak Naval Ordinance Plant” was occupied by the Navy for wartime ammunition manufacturing purposes. In 1961, the property was acquired by Rochester Institute of Technology and became the College of General Studies and College of Business as part of its downtown campus. In the years R.I.T. occupied the building, it was called "50 West Main," "Metropolitan Center," and "City Center." Today, is it known as "City Place," operating as a department of the Rochester DMV and Monroe County offices.

It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places on September 17, 1974.

Present-day view would be from Monroe County Court House (Clerk's Office) balcony, click here.

Duffy-Powers Co. Building (City Place) Building, Rochester, N.Y.

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