Colorized steel block engraving of the East Side, Upper (High) Falls of the Genesee River, Rochester, N.Y.
from W. H. Morse's Picturesque America.

Originally published 1874.

From the text: At a point somewhat below the centre of the city, and yet directly within its limits, are the First or Upper Falls. These are ninety-six feet in height, and it is thus evident that, with such a cataract in the centre of the city, the facilities for obtaining water-power could hardly be excelled. The millraces conduct the main supply along the two opposite shores, and as the mills are mainly situated below the level of the falls the full force of the water can be utilized. It thus appears that, within the limits of the city, the waters of the Genesee make a descent, including the falls and the rapids above them, of two hundred and thirty feet; and the water-power, as estimated for the Upper Falls alone, equals forty thousand horse-power.

Present-day view would be from the East Bank, click here.

East Side, Upper (High) Falls of the Genesee, Rochester, N.Y. (COLORIZED)

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