Notable landmarks include (from left to right): The Calgary-St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church spire, Keeler-Kimball Estate (the original Chamber of Commerce Building), Granite Building, Richards House Building, Equal Grounds building, and the (former) St. Boniface Church (razed after the 1957 fire).

Early Skyline of Rochester, N.Y. seen from Highland Park, Rochester, N.Y.

Over 130 years old, Highland Park is one of Rochester's oldest parks. Also known as "Highland Botanical Park," the 20 acres of hillside that make up Highland Park was once part of the 650-acre "Mount Hope Nurseries"--the nation's largest nursery at that time--owned by George Ellwanger and Patrick Barry. In 1888, they gifted the land to the city, institutingthe city's first Parks Department. Designed and overseen by Frederick Law Olmsted (of Central Park fame), it became one of the nation's first municipal arboretums.

Present-Day View would be from Maplewood Drive, click here.


Skyline of Rochester, N.Y. seen from Highland Park

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